Hello Re_Map Intensive Care Unit!!
Following what Richard mentioned the other day during the intro to the studio about a trip to the Manchester Velodrome, I have inquired about times, prices, requirements etc…

Basically for an hour’s ‘Taster Session’ for up to 15 people riding round the banked track, with helmet and bike, it’s £8.

These ‘Sessions’ happen at various times during the week as follows:
Tuesday 12 – 1 pm
Thursday 8 – 9 am
12 – 1 pm
5 – 6 pm
Friday 12 – 1 pm
Saturday 5 – 6 pm
Sunday 5 – 6 pm

Please comment below if you are interested and have a time preference.
Personally I think that Thursday 5 – 6 pm would be the best slot, but let’s see what the consensus is!!!

A Health and Safety form needs to be completed prior to booking, and payment is made in advance. If you want anymore information about the ‘Taster Session’ have a gander at the link below.

Get Involved!!!!